Cultivating Mass Timber for Profit

Most landowners buy property to live on the land. However, there is tremendous value in investing in land for the natural resources already located on the property. For example, the minerals underneath the property and the trees located on the land can yield thousands of dollars in revenue annually when properly maintained. The best part is that you can cultivate these resources while also living on the land. In this brief article, the land experts at Saunders Real Estate will discuss the benefits of investing in timberland for sale in Florida considering the rising popularity of utilizing mass timber for building purposes.

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Green Construction

Builders are discovering new ways to build sustainable infrastructure while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process. Green construction is more than a growing trend, and this eco-conscious approach to building is generating billions of dollars annually for businesses and entrepreneurs that are ahead of the curve. There is a great opportunity for landowners to get involved in this process by cultivating timber.

An integral part of green construction is the use of natural resources that have not undergone a significant manufacturing process. For eco-friendly projects, builders want access to sustainable products like wood rather than conventional building materials like steel. In fact, local, natural resources are ideal for this process as contractors do not have to worry about excessive transportation fees and expensive extraction methods. This is advantageous for property owners that cultivate timber as they can grow timber and then have it extracted for profit. Extraction is not only profitable for the landowner, but this process also contributes to the overall health of forestry.

Mass Timber Construction Booming

In its most basic form, mass timber is when the “primary load-bearing structure is made of either solid or engineered wood.” Walls, floors, and rooftops are the most common examples of mass timber construction; however, mass timber can be utilized in highly ambitious forms too, including erecting office buildings. Although there are currently some licensing and certification obstacles involved in eco-friendly building projects, mass timber is being utilized commonly in Canada and Europe and is increasing in popularity in the United States.

Landowners can grow timber and sell it through a bidding process to the highest bidder. Although there are many steps to successfully growing and extracting timber and it takes many years to cultivate a successful harvest, growing timberland is a relatively hands-off practice that allows landowners to enjoy their land while also producing a highly profitable resource in the meantime.

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