How Drones are Revolutionizing Farming Part 2

In this two-part article series, we are discussing many innovative features that make unmanned aerial vehicle technology a critical part of the future of farming. With convenient access to drones in stores across the United States, drone technology is being successfully implemented into all sorts of industries including agriculture.

As we discussed in the first section, drones save their operators time, money, and give a great return on the investment to landowners. In this section, we will discuss some other ways drones add value to farms, ranches, and timberland. If you are interested in timberland for sale in Florida, contact the land professionals at Saunders Real Estate today.

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Scanning the Land

Taking the scenic mapping technology to the next level, cutting-edge drones are geared with camera sensor technology that can provide landowners with valuable intel. The most impressive drones in the modern day can scan and analyze all of the ecological elements beneath the surface of the property. Mounted with an infrared-sensored camera, drones can capture 3D imagery and provide landowners with valuable, measurable data. Whether it’s the natural resources on the property or the crop production, this highly accurate surveying technology can assist with the following land management needs:

As we will look into the near future and the technology of drones continues to be enhanced, we look forward to a day where all farms, groves, and timberland utilize drones for their agricultural needs.

Farms & Nurseries for Sale