Should You Have Logging Knowledge Before Investing in Timberland?

For decades, few people took advantage of timberland as an investment opportunity. It didn’t truly begin until the 1970s, when the Employee Retirement Income Security Act encouraged institutional investors to utilize options like real estate holdings to diversify their portfolios.

Recently, investing in timberland has become even more popular. If you are considering purchasing timberland for sale in Florida as an investment, you may be wondering whether you need to know anything about the industry.

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Why Timberland Investing Has Become So Popular

According to Dennis Moon, head of Specialty Asset Management at U.S. Trust, a division of Bank of America, timber is the hot new commodity when it comes to diversifying your portfolio. Moon’s job is to find, log, and oversee properties for the firm’s clients. In an unpredictable world, Moon reports that the reason people are choosing this investment option is its dependable nature.

The recession illustrated that stocks aren’t a sure-fire way to make sure your assets are protected and growing. In the wake of this financially frightening time, many people sought out ways to diversify their investment opportunities in ways that weren’t dependant on the stock market. One steady and dependable choice was—and is—timber.

Hands On or Hands Off: Your Choice

According to Moon, “Clients can get involved if they want to or just sit back.”

Some investors choose to build log cabins on their properties as rustic getaways. They visit their land for hunting, fishing, or just spending a day or two unplugged and away from it all.

When it comes to logging deals, investors usually leave the details to companies like U.S. Trust. They will negotiate the best deal with the logging company on the client’s behalf, and then oversee the logging process itself. The client can, of course, influence this process; however, most trust the expertise of the professionals they have hired to manage their investment. There is no need for anyone interested in purchasing Florida timberland for sale to get into the nitty-gritty details.

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If you are looking to diversify your portfolio by purchasing Florida timberland for sale, make sure to work with experienced land professionals when making your selection. Saunders Real Estate is a specialized real estate team that has become a powerful source of expertise for clients interested in timberland in Florida.


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