The Benefits of Investing in Timberland Part 1

Cars depreciate in value the minute you drive them off the lot. Residential real estate takes a lot of time and capital to get a return on your investment. The stock market can be volatile and stressful for investors. In fact, there are few opportunities in life that offer the chance to make a sound investment that also gives you the ability to enjoy that capital you invested in the meantime. Investing in timberland is one of them.

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The Benefits of Timberland

When you buy Florida timberland for sale, landowners can watch as their investment’s value steadily improves over time. It’s also good knowing that maintaining timberland is a low maintenance project as well. This gives landowners the security of knowing they have a sound investment while taking the time to appreciate their beautiful scenery and do the things they love to do. In this two-part article, we will educate you on some of the reasons why you should invest in timberland for sale in Florida. In the second section, we will discuss the benefits of cultivating timberland.

Property Tax Exemptions

When investing in a property that will hopefully be a profitable long-term investment, the primary focus is on the dollar and cents. When you invest in Florida timberland for sale, you will appreciate the fiscal benefits that agriculturally zoned land can provide to your bank account. Property taxes can be very complicated for landowners; however, agricultural properties typically have beneficial tax exemptions. There are many tax strategies for timberland owners that can save them thousands of dollars annually on property taxes.

Freedom for Your Passion Project

For potential landowners that desire to purchase property to do the recreational activities they are passionate about, investing in timberland allows them to have the open land to do the things they want to do. Many timberland owners are passionate about hunting, fishing, or horseback riding. Some utilize their land for family camping trips, ATV riding, or outdoor sporting activities or paintball events with friends. Regardless of the recreational hobby you love, timber is not affected by any of these activities.

If you are looking for a place to let loose or enjoy the solitude, timberland for sale in Florida is perfect for you. If you interested in purchasing property for sale in Florida, our land experts are here to offer you the consultation you need to purchase the right land for you.

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