Why You Should Hire a Forester for Your Timberland

You are thinking about purchasing timberland for sale in Florida. Buying timberland is a solid investment that can yield profits for years to come if your land is handled properly. It’s a big undertaking and depending on your knowledge of timber species, you may want to bring in an expert. It may be worth hiring a forester or foresting consultant to help guide you through the process of managing your timberland.

A forester provides land management services to individuals. Critics say that foresters are mere middlemen between the landowner and companies that purchase timber. However, they can bring a level of specialization to the timber sales and management process that can be comforting to new landowners.

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Foresters can offer the following services:

Creating a Land Management Plan

A failure to plan is a plan to fail. It’s important to know how to plan the use of your timberland and foresters can help. They can examine your property as well as they type of trees it can yield. Foresters use this information to determine the amount of timber that can be harvested per season, create a timetable for harvesting, and make financial projections.

Manage the Sales Process

Foresters have extensive knowledge of timber prices and the factors that impact them. They can use that knowledge to ensure that landowners are receiving fair value for their timber. Foresters can also handle other aspects of the sales process, including advertising and the bid process.

Managing Timber

Part of having a good harvest is managing the conditions in which your trees thrive. Foresters can set thinning requirements for your land, ensuring that weaker trees are cut in favor of the strongest ones. They have extensive experience in examining tree and soil conditions and can help you make better decisions. Additionally, foresters can help prepare sites for harvest.

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