Woodworking: Make Money with Your Timber

Timberland for sale in Florida offers prospective buyers the unique opportunity to own land in one of the most highly desirable parts of the country while generating a reasonable return on their investment through thoughtful and creative use of the timber supply located on their land. There are countless ways to turn your timber into cash, even if that means eschewing traditional timber harvesting in lieu of craftier solutions.

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Consider a New Hobby: Woodworking

In an era of hands-free technology and wireless connectivity, skilled artisans are harder and harder to come by. People don’t work with their hands like they used to, so people are willing to shell out serious cash for handmade furniture and accessories. Woodworking is a great way to take your timber and turn it into profit. Whether you’re crafting small decorative items or entire furniture sets, woodworking is one way to profit from your property.

Even simple things like tables, nightstands, and coffee tables are hot commodities in today’s market. Currently, a renewed interest in furniture refinishing has resulted in businesses opening shop to purchase furniture that can be painted and altered to be sold at a higher price. Since retailers like Walmart often sell furniture made from artificial wood, plastic, or wood composites, and major furniture chains tend to carry expensive, dated stock, there is a noticeable need for handmade, custom furnishings including:


How to Sell Your Wares

Open markets where people from your area can congregate to peruse locally sourced goods and apparel are becoming more and more common. Community involvement is important in a world divided by differences in opinion, and these markets provide the perfect environment for people to escape from the stress of their daily lives.

These markets are also a great place to position your new woodworking wares for sale. These markets typically have little to no table fee and help connect you with the crafty microcosm of your community. Despite the classic sensibilities of an open-air market, you can learn a lot about success in the digital age from the artisans and retailers who make a living selling their wares in public markets. These businesses often utilize e-commerce stores like Etsy and Big Cartel to cultivate their online brand and sell their wares nationwide.

The only thing limiting the profitability of your land is the effort you’re willing to put forth to maximize your success. The land professionals at Saunders Real Estate are experts at appraising the value of large tracts of timberland in Florida. If you are interested in Florida timberland for sale, our team can help you find property with high-quality timber to help you establish a secondary source of income for a quick return on your investment.

Search Timberland Properties for Sale