Florida Tomato Farms

Florida farms for sale are a great choice for growing tomatoes. Florida’s warm weather, and desirable growing conditions make tomatoes a typical crop choice. There are a number of items that can impact the production of your crops. To help ensure successful production, here are some helpful tips for growing tomatoes on Florida farms for sale.

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Tips for Growing Tomatoes

For the best suited environment, choose a sunny location to plant your tomato crops. Tomatoes love sunny, warm weather and require at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. To retain heat and conserve moisture, consider using a plastic mulch.

Water regularly in moderate amounts, especially when the plants are developing. Irregular watering can cause the plants to wilt and develop blossom-end rot, resulting in a decrease in production. In between watering intervals, allow the soil to dry a bit and remember to never water from overhead. When tomato leaves are wet, the plants become more susceptible to airborne spores. If possible, try to keep the plant itself as dry as possible.

Once the plants are about approximately 3 feet tall, remove the first 1 foot layer of leaves from the bottom of the plants. Removing these leaves will help fight off fungus and disease, which tend to develop because of the proximity of the leaves to the soil.

For bigger fruit, prune suckers (the leafy shoots that grow between the stem and lateral branches) off the plants. Suckers rarely produce fruit and take away from the energy needed for the plants to produce bigger and better quality fruit.

Tips for Pest and Disease Management

There are a variety of diseases and pests that can affect the commercial production of your tomatoes including cat-facing, blossom-end rot, sunscald, split skin, green shoulders, horn-worms, early blight, late blight, and wilting. To prevent any potential loss from the effects of disease and pests, it is highly recommended to remove infected or diseased plants immediately, rotate crops, and remove weeds regularly.

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