Forestry Group & Timberland

In 2013, Saunders Real Estate expanded its services and service area to include advanced timberland expertise in North Florida. Partnering with Jack Vogel; Tony Wallace, CF; and John Holzaepfel, ACF, CF; partners of Natural Resource Planning Services, Inc. (NRPS), along with additional key NRPS foresters, the Forestry Group timber division was created to offer specialized services by the firm.

With our specialty group of real estate land professionals and professional foresters combined, each respected state-wide for their knowledge and work, our clients have a unique team to use as a resource and real estate brokerage. We help buyers and sellers of timberland tracts with expanded specialty services for timber real estate brokerage, acquisition due diligence, investment analysis, and agricultural property valuations.

Our Partners – Natural Resource Planning Services, Inc.

NRPS is one of the premier consulting forestry firms in Florida. NRPS operates their real estate business exclusively through Saunders Real Estate, along with with land professionals who share the same values and a common goal.

Since 1974, NRPS has provided forestry and natural resource-related services, managing over 300,000 acres of southeastern timberland. NRPS is a full-service forestry consulting firm with a team of foresters, biologists, and technicians working under the banners of Legacy Forestry Services, Legacy Wildlife Services, Legacy Appraisal Services, and Legacy Arborist Services. Specific client services include timber and wildlife management, timber and timberland appraisal, hunting lease management, and arboricultural – urban forestry consulting.

Forestry Goup Brokers & Agents