Horse Farms for Sale in Ocala, FL

A drive away from the busy bustle of I-75 in Ocala reveals a peaceful oasis. Gridlock gives way to sprawling hills and wide green vistas teeming with majestic horses. The two-lane roads going through Ocala’s horse country are some of Florida’s most breathtaking. And that horse country is available for purchase.

There are many horse farms for sale in Ocala, FL. and Saunders Real Estate can help you find the perfect one for you.

Ocala is The Horse Capital of The World

There’s a city north of Ocala that likes to make that claim as well, however, few places the size of Ocala has its focus on horses and the equestrian lifestyle. Ocala, a city 1/7th the size of Lexington, KY, is home to over 1,200 horse farms. There are 50 known horse breeds in the Marion County area. The focus on horses includes the 110-mile Greenway Trail System, the Florida Horse Park, and countless equine-focused retail stores. With weather that’s milder than south Florida and nearly flawless year around, it’s easy to see why people are looking for Ocala horse farms for sale.

Ocala Away From The Horse Farm

While equestrian adventures dominate the Ocala culture, there are other things to do. Ocala is a tremendous launching point for recreational activities with natural springs, lakes, and rivers dotting its landscape. Ocala is also home to thrilling bike trails. For culture lovers, Ocala is home to the Appleton Museum of Art. Also, Ocala is centrally-located. Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa and the Atlantic Ocean are all a short drive away.

Investing in Ocala Horse Farms for Sale

If you are searching for horse farms for sale in Ocala, FL. talk to the agents at Saunders Real Estate. We have the experience, industry knowledge, and commitment to customer service to ensure that you find the perfect horse farm.

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