Considering a Horse Boarding Business? Part 1

Considering purchasing land in the Horse Capital of the World? Purchasing one of the many Ocala horse farms for sale and raising horses on your land can be fun and rewarding. Monetizing the land by a starting lucrative business such as horse boarding can also yield great rewards, but it will take careful planning to execute.

This two-part article will serve as an informative guide to land buyers that are considering horse boarding as a means to income. Read part two to learn more.

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Which Boarding Arrangements Are Right for You?

There are various types of boarding arrangements. We will give you a brief overview of each type below to help you decide which option will work best for you.

Full Board

A full board arrangement is ideal for horse owners who need someone to care for their horse full time. Full board includes a range of services for your clients’ horses and some may be at extra cost. This will eliminate the need for the client to visit daily as you will provide all of the care for their horse. Examples of full board services include:


Partial Board

With partial boarding, clients will pay a portion of the boarding fees and will only have riding privileges for agreed upon days and hours. Another part-boarder will pay the other portion of the boarding fees and have access to the horse on other days. You may choose to offer only stall and turnout, feed, and bedding while the clients may be responsible for vet and farrier services. It all depends on the services you want to offer.

Pasture Board

A pasture board is ideal for those who ride occasionally or who prefer to leave their horses outdoors, or for horses who do not do well with stables. As the owner, you simply provide pasture, feed, water, and a run-in shelter. Run-ins provide shade from the heat, warmth from cold weather, protection from insect bites, and a place to stay dry when it’s raining. You may provide additional services at cost if you desire, but be sure these extras are listed in the contract.

Self-Care Board

With self-care boarding, you only provide your facilities and the clients do the rest. Self-care boarding requires communication, consideration, and cooperation. Your clients must ensure they are caring for their horses daily or it could cause problems for you and other clients. For example, if a client cannot come out to care for their horse, this places the responsibility on you. This is why a good contract is important. You want to ensure that owners aren’t shirking their responsibilities or even worse, stealing another horse’s feed.

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