Hunting Property for Sale in Florida

According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there are more than 13 million hunters in the United States. These hunters spend billions of dollars on traveling, hunting equipment, and more. Investing in hunting land offers buyers an excellent opportunity to generate income in various ways. If you are an avid hunter or considering investing in hunting property for sale in Florida, you’ll find plenty of areas that offer premium hunting throughout the Sunshine State.

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Finding the Right Florida Hunting Property for Sale

Hunting property should always support wildlife and the safety of hunters. The best hunting property to purchase will consist of an abundant wildlife population that is supported by nearby water bodies. The terrain in Florida varies in every region; you will find swamplands, scrub areas, and forests in the region. Florida hunting offers a variety of wildlife including birds of prey, deer, snake, rabbit, otter, alligator, bear, dove, quail, wild hog, turkey, waterfowl, and more. Some properties are hunting-ready; however, for an extensive list of what hunting property is available as well as how to make land attractive to animals, it’s best to consult one of our hunting land experts.

What to Consider When Buying Hunting Property

Determine whether the land has been properly managed and harvested with wildlife in mind. Land that supports wildlife is critical. Poor management can jeopardize wildlife. The right land will have quality sources of food, water, shelter, open spaces. Water supply needs to be very close to the land.

How to Make Money From Hunting Property

If you are looking for hunting property for sale in Florida to invest in for profit, it’s important to make your land work for you. Renting out some of the cropland is a good idea, but you must look for land that is a mixture of timber and farmland. Renting cropland can help you earn extra income and lower property taxes. Harvesting timber can generate income but should be done with the guidance of an experienced forester who will help you assess if the timber on your property is profitable. You can also lease the land out for hunting if you don’t mind sharing the land with other hunters. You can also look into smaller tracts of land to buy, sell, and repeat.

Hunting Land Experts

Working with a Saunders Real Estate means you’ll be partnering with one of Forbes 400 nationally recognized American Real Estate Leaders. Partnering with our land brokers early in the buying process will save you time while making your search for hunting property much easier. Instead of wasting time sifting through hundreds of properties, our experienced brokers will present the properties that fit your needs in terms of pricing, location, value, and recreational opportunities. We can also help you avoid hunting land purchase pitfalls.

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