Handling Trespassers on Your Private Hunting Property

Are you the proud owner of hunting land or are you interested in purchasing hunting land for sale in Florida? If so, know that you are likely sitting on land that is considered private property which means that no one can just help themselves to the wildlife on your land. There are public hunting options available, but when they become limited, hunters may look to your land for hunting opportunities.

Although trespassing on private property is illegal, this may not deter a trespasser from coming onto your property. This article will share tips for how to handle trespassers.

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Do Not Confront a Trespasser

Although it may be upsetting that someone was bold enough to trespass onto your property, never place yourself in danger by confronting the person. The person may have unintentionally trespassed and will likely find their own way out. On the other hand, if the person is dangerous, it’s best you contact the appropriate authorities to handle the situation.

Seek the Help of Your Neighbors

You need additional eyes and ears to help you keep an eye on your property so get to know your neighbors—the bigger your property is the more you’ll need the help. Your neighbors can let you know about suspicious activity or vehicles on your land. Likewise, you can return the favor. Concealing trail cameras on your property will be a great help as well.

Do Not Set Traps for Trespassers

Attempting to set a trap to capture a trespasser is dangerous because you could seriously harm or kill someone which would leave you facing criminal charges. You have the right to protect your land and yourself from liability, though. To do your part, keep track of footprints, tree stands, tire tracks, and even license plates (if possible) by taking photos, but leave the drastic measures to the authorities.

Post Highly Visible Warning Signs

Many trespassers will likely claim that they didn’t see any signs which may get them off of the hook. However, posting clear and hard-to-miss signs near your property entrance and around the parameters of your property is a surefire way to eliminate that excuse. A fence can help define what’s considered your private property too. If they choose to remain on your property in spite of your signage, you have viable evidence of their willful disregard when you report them to the authorities.

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