How to Convert your Property for Turkey Hunting

It’s spring hunting season and our attentions are turning to spring turkeys. This is a prime time to hunt the traditional Thanksgiving bird in many parts of the country. And if you are considering hunting property for sale in Florida, there are a number of ways to convert it to a haven for turkeys.

If you want your land to become turkey hunting territory, there are four basic needs that you must fulfill. Turkeys need a water source, a food source, a safe place to roost, and a safe place to nest.

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Water Sources

Turkeys, like many animals, will gravitate to natural water sources. If you have one on your property, you should build the other aspects of your turkey habitat around it. If the Florida hunting property for sale doesn’t have one, consider digging a small pond. The pond should be near food plots to provide easy and natural access for turkeys.

Food Sources

Turkeys will also gravitate to areas with a plentiful food supply. Ideally, you will need to produce food plots for the turkeys. In terms of what you plant, you have a number of options. Rye, cracked corn, and winter wheat can attract turkeys. They also like wild grapes. Additionally, turkeys are attracted to green fields, so plants such as clover and alfalfa work as well.

Roosting Area

Turkeys typically retreat at the sign of danger so along with their roosting area being close to food and water supplies, it must also be safe from predators. Preserve mature trees, especially pines and cypress trees. These trees will attract turkeys. They will also look for places to hangout. Open hardwoods and abandoned pastures can work well.

Nesting Area

Turkeys also need a safe place to nest. This area has to combine abundant food sources and places that are safe from predators. Areas with tall grasses provide plenty of bugs to feed poults (young turkeys.) If these areas are near trees and water sources, they are ideal for turkeys.

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