Managing Deer on Your Property

Improving the deer hunting habitat on your private property can help increase the frequency of deer sightings for you and any hunters lawfully using your land to hunt for sport. Animals have observable needs and tendencies that you can exploit to elevate your chances of an encounter in the wild.

Hunting land for sale in Florida often requires thoughtful landscaping to better manage any deer populations inhabiting the forested areas of a tract. The land professionals at Saunders Real Estate understand how to proliferate value on your current or prospective land purchase by increasing the inherent utility of your land. In this short article, we will explore different ways to manage deer on your property.

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Install Game Cameras to Survey Your Hunting Land

Game camera surveys can help you determine the size of a deer population on your property, locate commonly inhabited areas, and reveal the presence of trespassers or poachers who could negatively affect your hunts. Game camera technology has evolved alongside innovations in photography, which means you can find quality cameras for any budget. New models include HD video capabilities and wireless connectivity, but even basic models can help you track and observe prey. It only takes three of four cameras posted along known travel routes, near bedding areas, or over food and mineral sites to determine what is living on your land.

Implement a Prescribed Burn

With wildfires running rampant through California’s dry forests, the idea of performing a prescribed burn on your land in Florida might seem ill-advised, but Florida hunting land for sale benefits from a decidedly more humid climate that keeps things from getting too crispy in the dry season. Prescribed burns help restore soil, eliminate leaf litter, and spawn new vegetation. It leads to a more pleasing deer habitat and removes many visual hindrances. Alert your local wildlife agency and consult a certified professional before conducting a prescribed burn.

Landscaping Before the Hunt

Surveying your property with a pair of loppers to clean up small trees can help create pathways to stand locations and drastically improve visibility on your land. One technique, hinge cutting, involves trimming tree trunks and laying them on the ground so they don’t completely die. This allows new browse (twigs, young shoots) to grow and provides coverage for the path to your stand. Thinning your wooded area down by eliminating undesirable trees and other sunlight-blocking vegetation clogging your canopy helps enrich your property since trees receive more sunlight and space to breathe. Deers are less likely to inhabit areas where competition between trees results in lackluster sources of nutrition.

Managing the deer on your property requires thoughtful planning and careful execution. Installing game cameras, implementing a prescribed burn, and landscaping can help create a more effective hunting environment thereby increasing the value of your land.

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