4 Things to Do Before Listing Land for Sale

Florida is one of the most popular states to invest in land real estate, yet, land does not sell itself. Landowners still must do their due diligence to present a piece of land that is worth buying. Investors want to be confident that they are investing in the right land for the right money. As a landowner, you should make it a priority to eliminate any potential nuances that could become a deal-breaker for a buyer. If you want the best return on your investment, before listing your land for sale in Central Florida, take note of the following:

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Commit to Selling

Are you really ready to sell? Although this may seem obvious, there are cases where more than one person may have rights to a particularly property. Before listing land, be sure that everyone is on one accord and that there are no reservations about selling. This will eliminate wasting both the broker and buyer’s time.

Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is not just for buying a house. Farmland, timberland, ranches, and all other vacant land needs to be presentable in order to boost its value. Walk through the property to bush-hog the roads and trails, and to prune and trim trees. Also, remove environmental hazards and make necessary repairs on things such as fencing.

Get Legal Access

Legal access gives a landowner the ability to go from their property to the nearest road. Buyers will likely avoid land that has no access because it will require more work for them after they have purchased it. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Would you want to buy land and later find out you have to go through another legal process to gain direct access to your land? Your property will be more valuable if you secure deeded access beforehand. Otherwise, you may end up having to lower the price of your property to sell it.

Conduct a Land Survey

Before listing your property, be sure there are no potential boundary disputes. A land survey identifies property lines and boundaries which is helpful for determining the area and structures that are included in the deed. This will help buyers to see that they are getting everything they are paying for and it clears up any acreage issues that could arise during the transaction. Getting a complete survey of your land for sale in Central Florida will provide peace of mind for all parties involved.

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