Central Florida’s Top Thriving Crops

What Are Central Florida’s Thriving Crops?

Knowing what crops thrive in Central Florida is very beneficial for those looking to purchase Central Florida land for sale for crop farming. In most parts of Central Florida, citrus grows abundantly and well, with plenty of harvests. Avocados, carambolas, lemons, limes, pineapples, cherries, papayas, tomatoes and tropic vegetables also grow well in Central Florida if protected from the occasional frost. Winters are typically mild in Central Florida, though there may be two or three frosts per year.

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1. Bush Beans

Bush beans are a warm season crop and should be planted in February through April or in September. Good varieties of bush snap beans for Central Florida include Bush Blue Lake, Contender, Roma, Harvester, Provider, and Cherokee Wax. Pole beans and lima beans are another option.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are another warm season crop and should be planted January through March, and September. Good large fruit varieties include Better Boy, Celebrity and Flora-Dade. Good small fruit varieties for Central Florida are Micro-Tom, Patio, Sweet 100 and Florida Basket.

3. Oranges

Central Florida is one of the best places to grow and harvest oranges. All citrus varieties need lots of sun. Citrus trees do not require organic soil and prefer to be grown in sandy soils with good drainage. Trees should be planted at least 25 feet apart. They are best planted October through January, and harvested November through June.

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Farms & Nurseries for Sale