How Drones are Revolutionizing Farming Part 1

Unmanned aerial vehicles are dramatically transforming many industries for the better including the agriculture industry. Drone technology saves time, reduces costs, provides improved safety measures, and produces the best results. This helpful technology is a welcome addition to farms, ranches, groves or orchards, and timberland. If you are interested in land for sale in Central Florida, contact a land professional at Saunders Real Estate.

Plotting Precise Crop Strategies

The most common usage for drones by consumers is to capture spectacular imagery; however, from a business perspective, you can also map out a location in the process of doing this. For landowners, capturing aerial footage of the property provides a precise view of the land that can be beneficial in a wide variety of ways including:

  • A comprehensive birdseye view of the land assists the landowner with land management strategies including where to plant crops, where to create entry or exit areas on the land, and many other valuable pieces of information.
  • The landowner can also determine what materials and equipment will need to be transported to the specific location they want to cultivate making it easier to streamline this task.
  • Another issue drones can assist with is monitoring livestock to ensure that all of the cattle are accounted for and that no unforeseen issues have transpired on the property.
  • Pinpointing any issues like unhealthy crops or irrigation problems is another added bonus of collecting data via drones.
  • Landowners can tailor a strategy that produces the best results for the land by overseeing the property via drones, recognizing issues before they create a serious problem, and then correcting the issues.

Crop Dusting

Agricultural airplanes that distribute insecticides and other substances have been serving the United States agricultural industry for nearly a century. Although crop dusting is a time-tested practice, it’s also antiquated considering the imprecise process of applying the delivered substance, safety issues, and significant overhead costs. Drones provide the same concept, but in a more controlled and precise way. Drones also save landowners time and are a cost-effective solution.

With a ground-sensing detection system installed, advanced drone designs can transport and distribute any substance that the crops need. This includes delivering pesticides, water, plant seeding, and other substances that either protect the plant or provide nourishment to the soil. The use of drones greatly reduces the risk of safety for both the crop dusting pilot and also minimizes the risk of pesticide drift in the surrounding area.

For more information on how drones are revolutionizing farming techniques, please read the second section of this article.

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