Popular Hunting Species in Florida Part 1

Florida is a popular hunting destination for a number of reasons. Large swaths of Florida are covered in undisturbed wildlife, the weather is almost always suitable for hunting, and there is a large variety of popular hunting species. With tons of affordable land for sale in Central Florida, there’s never been a better time for huntsmen to invest in a plot of Florida’s unique landscape.

In this two-part series, the land experts at SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler will discuss popular hunting species in Florida. If you’re interested in procuring a plot of land to live off, there’s no better option than Central Florida land for sale. Once you have purchased your land, you can hunt an array of different species including alligator, bear, Burmese python, deer, dove, duck, and waterfowl.

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Florida’s alligator population needs to be closely observed or it will experience uncontrollable growth. Florida has been nationally recognized as the premier program for alligator population control since 1988, and today’s alligator hunters are almost always busy. Harvest quotas are changed each year to reflect current alligator populations. Currently, any Florida resident over the age of eighteen can capture and kill two alligators per permit.


Florida is home to over 4,000 black bears, which is a substantial improvement over the middling number of black bears living in Florida in the 1970s. The growth of Florida’s black bear population is one of its biggest conservation success stories. Today, hunting is used as a population management tool to control the number of black bears living in Florida.

Burmese Python

This invasive species has become one of Florida’s most malignant pests. It has had a corrosive effect on the Everglades ecosystem and now, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is actively encouraging the public to assist in the management of the burgeoning Burmese python population. These snakes can be humanely killed on private lands with the landowner’s permission, and you don’t need a permit or hunting license to pull the trigger.


In Florida, white-tailed deer management is another example of a conservation success story. In the 1930s, very few deer were present in Florida, but they can be found all throughout the state today. White-tailed deer are a popular game species in Florida, but they are also valued by hikers, wildlife photographers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.


If you want to introduce your children to hunting in Florida, it’s best to start with mourning and white-winged doves. These birds are plentiful, delicious when cooked, and nonaggressive. The FWC has Saturday Dove Club permits and Daily Dove permits for adults (and one youth) to hunt on special-opportunity dove fields.

Duck and Waterfowl

Migratory game birds such as duck and waterfowl are another popular target for Florida hunters. Since wetland habitat covers a large percentage of Florida, there are ample opportunities to hunt duck and waterfowl.

To learn more about popular hunting species in Florida, read part two.

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