Land for Sale in Costa Rica

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the smallest country in Central America with five geographical zones: the Central Valley, the Caribbean coast, the Central Pacific, the Northern zone, and the Northern Pacific. Costa Rica is made up of rugged highlands with a quarter of the country consisting of protected jungle and wildlife.

Why Invest in Costa Rica Land for Sale?

Not only is Costa Rica known as worldwide as a destination for retirement and vacation, it is also a business hot spot for real estate investors, land developers, and farmers. Costa Rica garners praise for its beaches, over 200 volcanic spots, and biodiversity diversity, boasting over 500,000 species. The country also has many mountains, rivers, and canyons. Many tourists are drawn to the country’s beautiful and protected marine and forest areas.

Around 10 percent of the country’s land is used for agriculture. Costa Rica’s main exports include coffee, sugar, tropical fruits, corn, rice, bananas, palm oil, and ornamental plants. Costa Rica’s weather characteristics and topography give rise to different types of forests including the cloud forest, the rain forest, the dry forest, and the transition forest. It is important to consult an expert when determining whether to buy land for sale in Costa Rica on top of a hill or at the bottom to avoid drainage issues or hard erosion.

Costa Rica’s Climate

Costa Rica has a tropical climate; however, changes in temperature vary due to the country’s long beach coasts, highland mountains, thick rain forests, and abundant valleys. Multiple climates can be experienced by traveling throughout the region. Temperatures are dictated more by elevation and location than by season. Costa Rica gets plenty of rain which generally occurs in the early afternoons in the highlands, mid-afternoons in the Pacific lowlands, and late afternoons in the Atlantic lowlands. Costa Rica’s microclimates allow for the opportunity for different types of vegetation.

Hire a Real Estate Broker

Unless you know Costa Rica very well, and possess great knowledge about the hurdles of buying Costa Rica land for sale, we recommend you rely on the expertise of a Saunders Real Estate land professional. Our team of agents have a wealth of experience in agriculture, ranching, cattle, farmland, forestry, and land management. We will ensure that your land purchase will be executed properly so that you will not experience frustration and loss while purchasing abroad.

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