Land for Sale in Fort Pierce, FL

Nicknamed the “Sunrise City” because of it’s picturesque vistas at the start of the day, Ft. Pierce is a haven for those who love the beach and water sports. For those looking for valuable property with close proximity to such natural beauty, an investment in Fort Pierce land for sale is a great option.

Why Consider Fort Pierce Land for Sale

Fort Pierce, named for an army installation during the Second Seminole War, is one of the oldest cities along Florida’s east coast (incorporated in 1901). It has a rich history as an outpost for the Henry Flagler Railroad and as a World War II training center for the Navy Seals. Perhaps its best known for its scenic Mediterranean-style downtown along the Indian River Lagoon. Not far from it’s beautiful downtown area is land for sale in Fort Pierce, FL, along the coast and farming land in the western part of the city.

Farming in Fort Pierce

Over the years, farming has been a part of Fort Pierce’s history. Initially, pineapples were imported from Cuba, but over time citrus and cattle became the main staples of the area. West of the downtown area, there’s a large amount of land that can be used for farming. Fort Pierce’s year around climate is conducive to growing bell peppers, strawberries, and lychees. Citrus trees are still prominent in the area as well.

Why Saunders Real Estate

The experts at Saunders Real Estate not only know the market inside and out, we understand land usage. We will work with you to find the piece of Fort Pierce land for sale that suits your unique business or recreational purposes. Our agents are knowledgeable in the areas of farmland, agribusiness, and agricultural production. This knowledge will help you immensely when making your investment.

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