Tips for Creating a Food Plot Part 1

For those considering land for sale in Fort Pierce, FL, careful consideration must be put into land use. Whether for recreation or for business reasons, deer hunting is becoming increasing popular and is a great way to use your property. However, bringing deer to your property is a process. It requires careful crafting of your land so that it becomes an attractive haven for deer. One of the most important parts of bringing deer to your property is creating a food plot. Deer, like all animals, are looking for a place to eat and drink. If you can create a place for which they can do that, the likelihood is high that you will have a successful deer hunting ground.

What is a Food Plot?

Food plots are feeding grounds for deer. These areas contains rows of plants that deer like to feed on and are typically hidden from the road. These areas attract deer because they provide food and security

Steps for Creating a Food Plot

Creating food plots are simple, but not necessarily easy. Here are a few steps to start with. For more steps, visit part 2 of this series.

Find a Location

Certain areas on your property are better than others. Look out for areas near bodies of water. They should be in areas that get ample sunlight. Plots should face the east or northeast for maximum sun exposure. Also, these plots should be a short distance away from tall trees. Food plots also need to be in areas conducive for hunting, meaning close to stand locations.

Clear Out the Area

When creating the plot, first clear the area of all debris. This includes removing all trees and shrubs that are in the area. A brush cutter can be used for that. Also, herbicides like 41% glyphosate can be used to kill weeds.

Pay Attention to the Shape of the Plot

The shape of your food plot matters as well. It’s important to strive for long rectangular plots. Ideally, these plots should be close to cover. It’s also good to plant trees along the edge of the plot so that deer have better protection from roads and paths.

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