Land for Sale in Hillsborough County, FL

On the west coast of Florida lies Hillsborough County. This diverse area caters to a variety of interest. It’s miles of coastline caters to water sports enthusiasts. Tampa, the third largest city in Florida, is an urban center that’s home to large corporations and innovative small businesses. Just a few miles from Tampa lies acres of rural land for agricultural and recreational purposes. If you are looking to invest in land for sale in Hillsborough County FL, talk to the agents at Saunders Real Estate.

Why Invest in Hillsborough County Land For Sale

Hillsborough County provides residents with the perfect balance between urban excitement and rural tranquility. It’s largest city, Tampa, is a prominent business and cultural center. While it receives the lion’s share of attention when describing the area, land for sale in Hillsborough County is also available in more serene areas with plenty of natural beauty. Both the Hillsborough and Alafaya Rivers run through the county and are both hotspots for boaters.

Agriculture in Hillsborough County

There are two common misconceptions held about Hillsborough County, that it consists of only urban areas and that the area was built solely on the cigar industry. Tampa has a rich agricultural history with an active cattle trade with Cuba in the 1800’s. From strawberries to citrus, agriculture remains a strong part of Hillsborough County’s economy. The county boasts one of the largest agricultural outputs among Florida counties and 34 percent of its land is dedicated to agriculture.

Why Hillsborough County Land for Sale is Good For Business

Hillsborough County is home to 1.2 million residents and has grown steadily over the years. Much of this growth has centered on the areas outside of Tampa where there’s a great deal of Hillsborough County land for sale. There’s undeveloped land available near suburban areas like Plant City and Brandon that can serve a variety of business purposes.

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