The Best Crops to Plant in The Spring in Florida

Spring time brings with it a sense of renewal and lightness. Flowers are blooming and in many parts of the country, the weather is getting warmer. In the northern parts of Florida, the weather is getting warmer, which provides a wider variety of crops to grow. In Hillsborough county, heat is already a factor, but rainfall is not. This makes watering practices a priority.

If you are considering investing in land for sale in Hillsborough county FL and you’d like to put a farm on it. Here’s a few items to consider for planting crops in the spring:

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Plant Hardiness Zones

Florida is broken out into four plant hardiness zones, as designated by the United States Department of Agriculture. These zones illustrate an area’s general climate and ability to grow certain crops. Florida’s zones are 8-11, which is characterized by milder winters and warmer summers.


The warmer temperatures are more inviting to insects, especially after a mild winter. Aphids and spider mites are the biggest culprits. These pests can be removed using insecticidal soap. Also, grasshoppers can cause issues if not dealt with early in the season.

Resistance to Frost

The transition from winter to spring can be a tricky one in Florida. The northern and central parts of Florida may still be experiencing cold weather. Or the days may be sunny and 80 degrees. You must pay close attention to the type of crop that you are planting. Frost tender vegetables, for example, should be planted in March. Frost hardy vegetables can be planted earlier.

What to Plant in the Spring in Florida

The following crops should be planted during the spring time for a most bountiful harvest:





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