Land for Sale in Lake County, FL

About Lake County, FL

Lake County, located in Central Florida, was originally a part of Orange and Sumter counties, but became its own county in 1887. Lake County was named for its numerous lakes and rivers in the area—over 1,000 to be exact.

Lake County was primarily rural with its reliance on farming, citrus growing, lumber, and the like producing major products such as citrus, corn, and winter vegetables. In spite of back-to-back freezes in the late 1800s, Lake County was known worldwide for its crops of citrus, peaches, tomatoes, watermelon, peaches, and ferns.

In recent years, the county’s population has grown as retirees began to flock to the area due to its mild weather which has led to a boom in housing and a greater reliance on the land. Lake County is home to acres of farmland throughout the countryside, beautiful lakes, rolling hills, preserves, state parks, stunning vistas, and a forest of flora and flora-attracting bird watchers and hikers.

Land for Sale in Lake County, FL

Lake County ranks as the 17th largest county and the 18th most populated county in Florida with over 325,000 residents. Farmland is the most common type of land sold in the county generating $142 million in revenue annually. Of the revenue, 94 percent are from crop sales and 6 percent are from livestock.

The Value of Florida Land

Investing in Lake County land for sale is a smart investment. Florida’s reputation speaks for itself. Florida is one of the most diverse agriculture states in the United States. With around 47,500 farms averaging 195 acres, Florida agriculture brings over $140 billion in revenue with over $4 billion in agriculture exports. Furthermore, it accounts for a large proportion of U.S. citrus production and ranks as the second largest in the value of vegetable production.

Why Saunders Real Estate

At Saunders Real Estate, our land professionals have a deep knowledge of land throughout the State of Florida. We have extensive experience assisting buyers with land purchases such as farmland, ranches, timberland, citrus groves, conservation easements, and more. Our experts consist of certified timber brokers, foresters that have backgrounds in areas such as land and resource management, Florida legislature, and agricultural research just to name a few.

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