Land for Sale in Lakeland, FL

Thousands of people come to Florida each year in search of investment properties. If they are looking for one of the most versatile business areas in one of the hottest regions in the state, Lakeland land for sale has to be a consideration.

Why Land for Sale in Lakeland, FL

Conveniently located between Tampa and Orlando, Lakeland, FL has over 100,000 residents, an emerging business corridor, and a rich agricultural heritage. Lakeland is becoming increasingly popular with investors because of the variety that it offers. Whether you are looking for land for agricultural or commercial use, there are great options in Lakeland.

Why Lakeland is Great for Farming

Agriculture has long been a part of Lakeland’s economy. Lakeland is located in Florida’s Polk county, which is home to 626,634 acres of agricultural lands. Lakeland is located in a subtropical zone with an average temperature of 82 degrees and dry, mild winters. The average temperature is 62 degrees during the winter. With rainy summers, temperate falls, and proximity to several lakes, land for sale in Lakeland, FL is ideal for growing citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, melons, and blueberries.

Why Lakeland is Great for Business

As mentioned before, Lakeland is located between Tampa and Orlando. With more affordable property than either city, Lakeland has become home to a number of businesses. It’s already home to several colleges and a growing number of young professionals. Also, Lakeland is located near to I-4 and the Polk Parkway, making Lakeland land for sale convenient to most areas.

Why Saunders Real Estate

Few real estate agencies possess the industry experience and local knowledge of Saunders Real Estate. Our team of agents provide a wealth of experience in agribusiness, agricultural research, ranching, cattle, grove/orchard management, horses, farming, and land usage. We are also located in Lakeland, FL so there’s no better resource for finding land in the area.

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