4 Things to Confirm Before Buying That Piece of Land

The land may seem ideal at first sight, but before you spend your hard earned cash on any land for sale in Lakeland, FL, this article will share a few things you should consider before purchasing. This valuable information applies to buying any piece of land in any region. Using this advice will help you avoid some regrettable pitfalls.


Confirm your access rights. The last thing you’ll want to deal with after purchasing land for sale in Lakeland, FL is an access dispute. Prior to buying land, make certain that you have legal access that is permanent and transferable. Do not assume that land that happens to be on a county or state road will come with access. Cover yourself and get permission from the proper authorities to avoid fines and lawsuits. It’s best to work with an attorney to understand your rights and to help draft and record the appropriate contracts to ensure you get proper access your land.


Confirm your easement rights. Speaking of access to your land, this brings us to another important subject—easements. Even if you rightfully own the land, you need to know if you can access the property on a county or state-maintained road or if you’re required to share access with a neighbor. This is why researching easements is critical to determine if any company or agency holds easement rights and if you will be able to access things such as power and telephones lines.


Confirm available utilities. Before you buy your land, you need to know about your utility options. Will you have well or municipal water? What about sewer or septic? How about your electricity? If the land is pretty remote, you may have trouble getting access to a power line or it could simply be very costly to do so. Be sure you are willing to pay the cost if this is the case.

Mineral Rights

Confirm mineral rights. Not holding mineral rights and then discovering mineral on your property could lead to a headache. If a mineral is discovered on your property and you do not hold the rights to it, the person or entity that does can legally take hold of the mineral, even it causes damage to your land. For example, trees can be cut down to retrieve minerals or whole trees can be taken if you do not hold logging rights.

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