Land for Sale in Polk County Florida

According to the Polk County Farm Bureau, Polk County is the fourth largest county in the State of Florida and accounts for approximately 626,634 acres of the 922,095,840 acres of farm land in Florida, which makes it second in Florida as the county with the most farm land. Polk County is also the sixth most productive agricultural county in Florida.

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Polk County is known for its farm land. The land is well suited to farming, with many commercial and u-pick farms in the area. If you are planning to grow strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes or other vegetable and fruit crops, you should consider farm land for sale in Polk County, Florida. If you think Polk County land might be right for you, be sure to see our land for sale in Polk County, Florida listings.

Advantages of Investing in Polk County, Florida Land for Sale

Polk County is the ideal location for investing in land for sale. Polk County, Florida is located in central Florida and is bordered on the north and south by Sumter, Lake, Highland, and Hardee Counties, and on the east and west by Osceola, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties. There are many advantages to investing in Polk County, Florida land for sale including ideal conditions for agricultural use and the heavy presence of Polk County’s agricultural community.

Ideal Conditions for Agricultural Use

Like most of Florida, Polk County is located in the subtropic zone which consists of hot, humid summers with an average temperature of 82 degrees and dry, mild winters with an average temperature of 62 degrees. Rain occurs throughout most of the year and precipitation levels in Polk County are adequate for growing all types of crops. These climate conditions are ideal for growing citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, melons, and blueberries.

Large Agricultural Community

Polk County has one of the largest agricultural communities in the State of Florida. Some of the organizations that are heavily involved in Polk County’s agriculture include the Polk County Farm Bureau, Polk County Agricultural Economic Development, Agricultural Institute of Florida, and the Florida Citrus Mutual. Many of these organizations offer a number of programs that agricultural land owners can benefit from.

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