How to Determine If the Land You Want to Buy is Buildable

If you are in search of Punta Gorda land for sale with the intent to build on the land, you must do some preliminary research to ensure the land is buildable. Making this determination after the purchase could potentially leave you with land that is useless and unmarketable. If you want to purchase a piece of land that is valuable and resellable in the future, you must look into any obstacles that could possibly prevent you from building.

Our experts will share ways to determine if the land you are purchasing is suitable for building.

Contact the Building and Planning Department

Your local building and planning department is your best resource for determining if the land you intend to buy is buildable. If you are purchasing land for sale in Punta Gorda, FL, you must call the building department. Call the office, request a zoning map, and ask them for their advice about building on the property. Inquire about any rules, codes, and possible hindrances to building on the land.

Do a Title Search

If you are just starting out, conducting a title search can get you started. You can learn a great deal about the land including who the owner of a lot is, how the land was used, and if there are any deed restrictions or easements. A title search will likely uncover pertinent information that could help you decide whether to proceed or not.

Inquire About Disclosures

Ask the seller about anything that could cause issues in the future. In Florida, sellers are obligated to disclose certain factors that could potentially affect the value of a property that is not otherwise obvious to the buyer. A disclosure statement is used as a resource to help in the evaluation, marketing, and presenting of a property to prospective buyers. However, buyers should understand that the disclosure is not a form of contract, it is not a warranty, and it does not override the need for an inspection.

Understand the Restrictions

Most properties will come with some limitations, and it’s important that you know what those limitations are. Potential restrictions include zoning, building codes, subdivisions regulations, and deed restrictions. Not only can restrictions hinder your building plans, they can cost you money should you decide to pursue property rezoning, for example.

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