Soil And Weather Conditions In South Florida

As a potential buyer of land for sale in South Florida, it’s important to understand the soil and climate conditions beforehand to determine if South Florida is the right location for your farm or ranch.

What Type Of Weather Can You Expect In South Florida?

When purchasing South Florida land for sale, it’s important to have an understanding of the weather patterns. Because South Florida is a sub-tropical zone, frosts and freezes during the winter are extremely rare. South Florida is sunny for most of the year, and experiences two seasons. The rainy season is responsible for 70 percent of the year’s rainfall and is about five months long, running from June through October. November through May is the seven-month dry season. Rainfall in Florida is the main source for sustaining natural landscapes.

What Type Of Soil Will You See In South Florida?

In South Florida, the soils are mostly sandy with some peat and limestone aggregates. There are three major types of soil that are commonly found in South Florida.

Rocky Soil

In parts of the southernmost reaches of Florida, rocky (gravelly) soil can be found. This soil is coarse and drains freely after rainstorms, which is common in this state. Soil drainage is particularly important because it removes all of the excess water from the soil. That excess water stops oxygen and air from getting to the plant roots. Without drainage, plants have a hard time establishing and maintaining a healthy root system.

Sandy Soil

A large majority of South Florida’s interior contains sandy soil. Sandy soil is comprised of leftover limestone erosion and deposits from the sea.

Marl Soil

Marl soil is typically found near the Everglades. This soil is high in calcium, and is commonly referred to as a calcareous soil type. Marl soil is found in low elevations that go underwater during the summer months and dry out in the winter.

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