How Many Acres of Land Should You Buy? Part 2

If you’re looking to purchase Tallahassee land for sale, this two-part series will give you an idea of how to determine how many acres are right for you. For the beginning of the article, read part one.

For Farming

If you plan to farm the land for income you’ll purchase acreage based on the type of farming. For example, a micro-farm requires fewer acres than a traditional farming operation since you’ll be raising livestock that will likely need ample space for grazing. You’ll also need plenty of space for crops. Determine things such as the number of cows you want to raise, how they’ll be fed, and what you’ll be raising them for (i.e., meat or milk for profit or homesteading).

Other Considerations

The inexperienced land buyer should have a good understanding of what they’re investing in. If you want a stress-free process, keep the following considerations in mind:


It’s extremely important to work with a land broker that has vast experience with land transactions to help you make a wise decision on what Tallahassee land for sale you should invest in. Additionally, you want to get a survey so you can have a good understanding of the property lines.

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