Landowner’s Property Rights are Served Well with Florida Conservation Easements

The pathway to conservation easements is not always a straight line but, more often than not, is worth the trip.  ~Dean Saunders


Do you know what a conservation easements is?

Conservation easements are available to landowners for the permanent conservation of private lands in the United States and can be and effective and powerful tool. Conservation easement options have protected millions of acres of sensitive natural lands and wildlife habitats by keeping land in private hands, while offering public benefits.

The primary purpose of a conservation easement is to protect natural lands from specific development or land use through the rights of the landowner.

Those who own undeveloped land that is agricultural, timberland, wildlife habitats, natural open space, and/or natural resources can take advantage of this opportunity.

Put simply, a conservation easement is a restriction on the use of property, similar to a deed restriction. The process is that it is recorded in public records and generally is in perpetuity. The government agency receives assurance that this valuable land will be protected from future development.

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