Farming Tips for Beginners Part 1

If you’re interested in buying land for sale in Naples Florida for fun or for profit, now is a great time. Today, people are increasingly concerned about the foods they eat and the industry has responded—eating local and organic is highly encouraged. Whether you desire to leave the corporate world to do something more satisfying, to support your family and leave a legacy, or improve your health and the health of the community through sustainable farming, you need to know how to get started. This two-part article will provide sage advice to those looking to buy land for farming purposes. Feel free to skip ahead to part two.

Do Your Research

There are many advantages to buying Naples Florida land for sale, but you need to understand the potential roadblocks, too. This is why you should never buy land impulsively. You should be asking the following questions and more:

  • What are my upfront costs?
  • How much time will I have to invest?
  • What is the soil like?
  • What about water sources?
  • How is the property zoned?
  • Who holds the deed?
  • Are there deed restrictions?
  • Are there any environmental issues?
  • What are the gas, mineral, and wind rights for the property?

Whether you want to raise cattle, chickens, or grow a range of crops, research everything you’re considering doing on your farm.

Find a Mentor

Connecting with a mentor or network of farmers is invaluable as well as seeking out the assistance of a land professional to help select the right Naples Florida land for sale. Unless you have a background in farming or studied agriculture or horticulture in college, you’re going to need some hands-on training, experience, and guidance from a seasoned farmer. There are countless farmers—with farms large and small—who love to share their knowledge with the less experienced because it’s all about helping newcomers succeed. If you have the time, an apprenticeship may be ideal. If not, look into volunteering at a farm or taking a weekend class.

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