How to Maintain a Pond Part 1

One of the great joys of owning property is having a picturesque pond. Ponds can provide recreation in the form of swimming or fishing. They also provide an abundant water source for wildlife. However, ponds require a great deal of attention and care or they can become a nasty burden. No one wants to experience the smell of dead fish.

If you are purchasing land for sale in North Florida and it has a pond on it, read these tips to keep it fresh and useful.

Keep The Pond Clean

This may seem obvious, but over the course of time, ponds can be overrun with brush. Also, if the pond is used on a regular basis, trash may get left in and around the pond. It’s important to visit and clean the pond on a regular basis. Items, including trash, can be detrimental to the pond and wildlife around it.


Ponds may lack oxygen towards the bottom. If uncheck, this can cause the fish in your pond to die and cause algae to dominate. One of the most effective methods for aeration is bottom up aeration. In this method, oxygen is dissolved at the bottom of the pond and rises up, filtering the water along the way. This wards off algae and improves the overall health of the pond.

Provide an Underwater Shelter for Fish

If you are using your pond for fishing, consider enhancing it in a way that attracts fish. An underwater fish shelter can consist of non-toxic items such as old trees or wood stakes. The items will help fish congregate and, potentially, breed.

For more tips, go to Part 2 of this series.

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