North Florida Topography

SVN | Saunders Real Estate specializes in land for sale in North Florida, and our agents can answer any questions you might have about ranching, development, or timber. Our sales associates know that there are many different motivators that bring in buyers and investors to purchase North Florida land, with green and hilly topography being one of the biggest benefits.

Florida’s Topography

Florida is one huge plateau, an area of relatively level high ground. North Florida is the highest part of the state, with a hilltop in the panhandle at 345 feet above sea level. There is no point in the state of Florida that is more than 70 miles from saltwater.

North Florida’s Highlands

Florida’s Highlands are modest in elevation compared to most other states in the United States, but are important topographic features. They are found in the northern panhandle, and are recognized by their hilly land. The width of the Florida Highlands varies from about 30 to 50 miles, and is characterized by low, rolling hills and lakes. These hills in the North Florida Highlands originate mostly from the sand and clay that gets washed out of the Appalachian Mountains on the neighboring north side. In their native state, these sandhills or clayhills typically support pine savannas (usually referred to as high pinelands) and are strung with ravines and hardwood hammocks.

North Florida’s Diverse Terrain

When potential buyers from outside of the state or country picture North Florida land for sale, they may think of Disney, Orlando, or Miami Beach. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. North Florida land is full of springs, lakes, rivers, rolling pastures, big oak trees, and pine forests. North Florida is also home to plenty of hard and softwood forests.

Purchasing land for sale in North Florida offers great opportunities for all different types of agricultural and ranch land owners. Potential farmers in North Florida will be purchasing land that is full of lush, green acres, and an excellent water supply, all of which helps to maintain agricultural production, crop production, ranching, horse farms, poultry, dairy farms, timberland farms, and more. Contact SVN Saunders Real Estate today to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents who can assist you in finding the perfect North Florida property for you.

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