Sustainable Farming: Techniques

Sustainable farming is a set of practices for food production that are aimed at preserving the environment. While it utilizes natural resources, it doesn’t abuse them, keeping resources available for future use. Sustainable farming, while labor-intensive, provides the best opportunities to save money and the environment, and promote the health of future generations. For those looking to invest in North Florida land for sale, sustainable farming may be a worthwhile pursuit.

In the first part of our series on sustainable farming, we gave an overview of sustainable farming, along with its benefits. In part two of this series, we will highlight some important techniques.

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Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is the practice of growing a variety of crops on the same soil in succession. This is opposed to growing the same crop on the same soil. Doing this can ward off pest that feed on particular crops because there is always something new in the soil. This reduces the need for harmful pesticides.

Grass Farming

Grass farming has become increasingly popular as the demand for grass-fed meat and poultry grows in communities throughout the world. However, the practice of grass farming is as old as farming itself. Grass farming is simply the practice of having livestock forage for food as they were naturally intended. Grass farming is a more humane way of treating animals because it gives them the freedom to roam as opposed to the confined animal feeding operations systems that can be found on many farms.

Natural Pest Predators

Another way to reduce the impact of pests and the need for pesticides is the use of natural pest predators. Bats and birds can be housed in shelters close to your crops. Insects that feed on pests can be distributed around crops.

Managed Grazing

This is the practice of moving herds around on the property so that they don’t exclusively graze in one place. This preserves soil conditions. The livestock excrement can also be used as fertilizer, making the soil healthier.

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