What is Entitled Land?

If you are purchasing North Florida land for sale, you may be looking to use it for development. While land developments can be quite lucrative, the process can lengthy and tedious. One of the longest and most important parts is the process of entitlement.

What is Entitlement?

Entitlement is a critical part of the land development process because it will determine the value of the land you are looking to purchase. Entitlement is the process of receiving the necessary approvals for specific government and regulatory entities in order to construct a certain building type. These approvals typically pertain to the type of building, it’s size, traffic considerations, and environmental considerations, among others.

Examples of Approvals Needed for Land Entitlement

There are a number of approvals needed to make your land entitled. These include:

Zoning: Zoning approval is granted by your municipality’s planning department and includes approvals for building heights, size, usage, landscaping and vicinity, among other items. Parking is a major consideration as well. Additionally, your city planning department must approve your landscaping design.

Transportation: Depending on the size and location of the project, it may require traffic patterns to be adjusted. This may include the installment of traffic lights and turn lanes. This means that your project may require approval from the Department of Transportation.

Utilities: If utilities are not available to your site, you may have to seek access to them.

Environment: If your development is close to wetlands or protected areas, approval from the Department of Environmental Projection may be required.

The Entitlement Process

As mentioned before, the entitlement process is a long and arduous one, oftentimes taking up to a year to complete. Longer for larger or more complex projects. During this process, you will have to rely on your development company to follow the correct procedures to complete the process successfully. The steps in this process include:

– Filling out a zone application and submitting it plus supporting materials to your local planning board.

– Meeting with the planning board to discuss the proposed project.

– Seeking whatever additional approvals that are needed to complete your project.

– Depending on the scope and location of the project, neighborhood approval may be needed as well. Typically, neighborhoods hold meeting to discuss these types of projects.

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