Orange Groves for Sale in Florida

How to Buy a Florida Orange Grove

When looking to purchase a citrus grove, it is wise to work with a sales associate who has experience in citrus management, especially if your experience is limited. At SVN | Saunders Real Estate, several of our sales associates have a background in citrus, including the sales and management of citrus groves and as Certified Crop Advisors. We know the right questions to ask on your behalf to make sure you are aware of all issues affecting orange groves for sale in Florida, ensuring you receive the best deal on your target property.

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Where to Look for Orange Groves for Sale in Florida

Florida is known for its oranges, supplying over 70 percent of the citrus for the U.S. market and over 80 percent of the orange juice. There are nearly 570,000 acres of citrus groves in Florida, most in the central and southern part of the state. Polk County is currently the top citrus producing county, with many other citrus producers in the southern central Florida area. When looking for orange groves for sale in Florida, be sure to check out our list of available Florida orange groves for sale.

Types of Florida Orange Groves for Sale

The type of oranges grown is also important, some varieties are sold exclusively for juice use, while others are valued for eating. Specialty crops can command even higher prices. For best prices, appearance is important. Fruit infected with rust or with other cosmetic problems may be perfectly edible, but they will not be able to command high retail prices. A SVN Saunders Real Estate sales associate experienced in citrus groves can help you stay informed of the issues facing the Florida orange groves for sale that you might be interested in and help you steer clear of problem orchards.

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