CBC Saunders Real Estate Announces Argentina Partnership, Expands Americas Portfolio

Nordheimer LogoORLANDO, FL, June 19, 2018 — Dean Saunders, ALC, CCIM, and Owner/Broker of Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Real Estate (CBCSRE) today announced the signature of an exclusive partnership agreement with NORDHEIMER Campos y Estancias, the leading broker of farms and ranches in Argentina. The partnership expands CBCSRE’s existing Americas land portfolio to one of the most renowned South American destinations for agricultural and recreational land buyers.

The new CBCSRE + NORDHEIMER partnership unites industry leaders in two of the best markets for owning land in the Western Hemisphere. Both Florida and Argentina offer domestic and international land buyers a wide array of production options; well-established export partners; expanding port infrastructure; and ag-centric, pro-business environments.

“We are very pleased to have joined forces with a multi-generational family business like NORDHEIMER which shares our passion for educating and serving both landowners and buyers,” said Saunders. “Adding Argentina land options to our existing Americas portfolio is a logical progression both for our company and for our clients seeking portfolio diversification and tremendous value in the Southern Cone.”

Recent political reforms and currency movements make Argentina hard assets like productive farm, ranch and timberland an excellent value opportunity for foreign buyers. Since the 2015 election of pro-farming presidential candidate Mauricio Macri, the dollar has strengthened dramatically against the Argentine peso. That trend has only accelerated in 2018 with the dollar surging to a record high against the peso earlier this month.

“Political and economic winds will continue to shift in Argentina, but the country’s reputation as one of the best places to live in the Western Hemisphere is unwavering. Factor in the fourfold appreciation of the dollar against the peso since 2014, and we are helping clients identify some tremendous opportunities from cattle ranches in the legendary Pampas to irrigated cropland in Córdoba,” said Patrick Archer, South America Director for CBCSRE.

CBCSRE will first showcase these new Argentina properties at this week’s Florida Cattleman’s Convention in Orlando. A dozen NORDHEIMER exclusive listings have been selected including cattle ranches, timber and development land, as well as luxury estancias in Buenos Aires, Bariloche and the Argentine Patagonia.

The new Argentina properties are being marketed under the CBCSRE + NORDHEIMER co-brand, INVESTBA, and can be viewed in the new SRE Landbook, SREland.com and the CBCSRE website for Spanish and Portuguese-speaking clients, FLAVIP.com.

You can view the listings here.

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