Innovative Aerial Video Technology for Real Estate Launched by CBC Saunders Real Estate


LAKELAND, FL December 10,  2012 – An innovative aerial video technology for real estate is launched by Dean Saunders, ALC, CCIM, land broker and owner of Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Real Estate (CBCSRE) in Lakeland, FL. The aerial video technology is created to “fly the land” for a low aerial perspective of properties and is a useful tool for buyers to review large acreage. “We are continuing to video our larger properties for our clients. These aerial videos are especially helpful to citrus buyers and large acreage land buyers,” states Saunders.

“It is not surprising to me that CBC Saunders Real Estate is bringing this evolving aerial video technology to the industry. They have always been on the cutting edge and leaders in the State of Florida in land brokerage,” states Ben Hill Griffin III of Ben Hill Griffin, Inc.

Flying a large acreage property can give a buyer a different perspective than you get from the ground, where you can’t see the many different land features. This technology eliminates the setup prep for buyers who prefer to fly properties they are considering for purchase. There are logistical hassles of hiring pilots, scheduling time, working around weather challenges, and high cost when flying a property in real-time. Then, that gives only a single experience. This video technology allows clients, buyers, and sellers to view groves and land videos at their leisure, anywhere, and as many times as needed. Then, share it with their partners or clients.

The aerial videos are a virtual experience as close as you can get to being in the air over the property.

“We spent well over a year finding the best equipment to fly low enough and slow enough to capture the innate details of the property and then to perfect our in-house video editing and production capabilities. Clients are on board with it, both as a buying and as a selling tool,” Saunders adds.

The Fly-the-Groves and Fly-the-Land Aerial Video technology may change the way we do business in real estate and is appropriate for both commercial and land real estate.

Currently, CBC Saunders Real Estate provides aerial videos to high-end assets to give buyers an easy and virtual way to evaluate properties for sale. Landowners also may want to have their properties flown for other reasons, not just for selling.

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