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Argentina Ranch and Timberland


Rio Negro, Chubut

24,470 Acres


Property Type: Agronomics, Farms & Nurseries, Hunting & Recreation, Land Investment, Ranch, Timberland

Location: Rio Negro, Chubut


SVN Saunders Real Estate and Nordheimer Campos y Estancias are pleased to present 24,470 ± acres of Argentina cattle ranch and timberland in the wide-open Patagonia provinces of Chubut and Rio Negro.

The property is comprised of four tracts ranging in size from 3,950 ± acres to 8,900 ± acres. The individual tracts can be acquired separately or as a complete package.
The topography of the land allows for a wide diversity of production and recreation ranging from the rocky foothills of the Andes in the west to timberland, both native and planted, and improved summer and winter pastures for cattle and sheep production in the central and eastern sections of the land.

Water resources are abundant and well dispersed throughout the tracts in a region where the average annual temperature is 48º F with summer highs (December-February) reaching 72º F and winter lows (June-August) touching below freezing. Average annual rainfall is 25 inches with the heaviest rains falling in the winter months between July and September.

The four tracts are currently active with breeding and fattening of cattle and sheep, cultivation of grass and hay, and commercial timberland production. Potential uses include fruit production, fish farming, bottled water production from the on-site natural springs, and outdoor recreation including fly fishing, trekking, and mountain biking.

TRACT 1 | 3,950 ± ACRES | CHUBUT | $2,000,000 | $500 per Acre
The property is a mixed cattle and sheep farm also suitable for large-scale timber production. The low part of the tract toward the lake is excellent for cattle fattening. 150 head can be fattened in the warmer 6 months from November to April. Timber stand includes 123 ± acres of planted pine (2011) with room to expand.

TRACT 2 | 4,950 ± ACRES | CHUBUT | $1,500,000 | $300 per Acre
Working cattle ranch fattening 200 head of cattle in the summer months. 5 large and completely fenced pastures. Timber includes 500 ± acres planted pine. New residence and 2 large barns in great condition. World-famous fly fishing area.

TRACT 3 | 6,670 ± ACRES | CHUBUT | $1,500,000 | $250 per Acre
Well-known regional cattle ranch with greater emphasis on winter breeding. Operation currently supports 550 head with excellent genetics. 3-phase pump pulls river water at 4,400 ± gpm. Annual hay production of 2,000 bales.

TRACT 4 | 8,900 ± ACRES | CHUBUT & RIO NEGRO | $3,600,000 | $400 per Acre
Features: Large cattle ranch & timberland spanning two Patagonia provinces, Chubut & Rio Negro. Current cattle operation with 9 Hereford bulls producing 200 head per year with 14 fenced pastures can be expanded with a feedlot in order to fatten & sell directly to meat-packers for wider margins. 3,700 ± acres of timberland both native & planted. 2 large streams feed 6 major slopes on the surface to form natural wetlands & quality pastures for grazing.
Support Infrastructure: 2 houses, barns, horse stables, corrals & 12 ± miles of roads