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Florida Agricultural Portfolio


Multiple Florida Cities, Florida

11,100 Acres


Property Type: Agronomics, Blueberry, Citrus, Conservation Easement, Farms & Nurseries, Hemp, Land, Vegetables

Location: Multiple Florida Cities, Florida

County: Indian River

The Florida Agricultural Portfolio offering is a unique opportunity to acquire large-scale agricultural landholdings with significant appreciation potential in one of the fastest-growing areas of the United States. The 11,100-acre collection of 13 parcels spans Indian River, St. Lucie and Desoto Counties with contiguous tracts as large as 2,622 ± acres. Many of these parcels are in a developmental phase with a significant upside. They include a diversified portfolio of income-producing fresh and processed citrus groves, farms and agricultural properties in warm, easily accessed locations. Each property is institutionally managed. The facilities are well maintained and include fixed assets such as barns, pumps, irrigation and drainage systems. Established groves bring income through both leases and direct farming operations. Historically, the farmland parcels have been leased to a diversified mix of institutional-grade tenants.

Florida’s rapid growth leads to a higher developmental upside than many other prime agricultural regions. Florida is currently the second-fastest growing state in the country, growing at nearly one thousand new residents per day. This has led to an increase in the population of nearly six million people since the year 2000, creating significant demand for lands throughout the state to meet the needs of this expansion. The Florida Agricultural Portfolio offers a rare combination of current income, with significant potential for long-term appreciation from owning well-positioned properties. Land use optionality is limited only to the imagination: Solar/energy crops, hemp, specialty citrus crops, residential/ranchette development, water farming, conservation, bamboo, vegetable production, ornamental horticulture, recreational uses and more.

Description: Uplands/Wetlands: • 136.4 ± acres wetlands • 10,964.5 ± acres uplands
County: Desoto, St. Lucie, and Indian River County
Net Citrus Land: 8,319.2 ± acres
Net Farm Land: 1,580.0 ± acres
All Net Acres: 9,899.1 ± acres
Income Features: Properties bring income through leases and operations of the groves.

Dean Saunders

Founder, Managing Director & Senior Advisor



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