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SOLD: Port Saint Lucie Grove


Port Saint Lucie, Florida

473 Acres


Property Type: Citrus

Location: CR613 and Glades Cut Off Road, Port Saint Lucie, Florida

County: St. Lucie

This producing citrus grove property is in an area of former and current citrus groves. It is bordered on the west by the South Florida Water Management District C-23 Canal. Originally planted in 1966, it is heavily resetted with younger trees. Included are two diesel powered volume pumps with bidirectional flow that provide for both drainage and irrigation. The property does not have electrical power; therefore, all pumps are diesel powered. A Microjet system covers the entire grove and the property can be flooded for freeze protection. In addition, the property is bedded with perimeter canals and secondary ditches for water management.

Description: Soil Types: primarily Pineda, Riviara, Popel and Winder Natural/Man-made Water on Site: well and surface water Irrigation: Microjet with capacity to flood Varieties Grown: • Pineapples Oranges • Valencia Oranges • Hamlin Oranges • Red Grapefruit • White Grapefruit

Driving Directions: • From the intersection of I-95 and Midway Road (CR 712) in Fort Pierce, travel east on Midway Road for one mile to the intersection with Glades Cut Off Rd. • Turn right and travel south on Glades Cut Off Road approximately 12 miles to Carlton Rd. • Turn right on to Carlton Rd. and travel 9/10 mile to first road on the left. • Turn left and travel 2 miles to the entrance to the grove.