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SOLD: St. Lucie 147 Acres Agricultural Land


Fort Pierce, Florida

147.59 Acres


Property Type: Hunting & Recreation, Land Investment

Location: Minute Maid Road, Fort Pierce, Florida 34945

County: St. Lucie

The property is a former citrus grove that has been fenced for cattle grazing. Consumptive use permits remain in place providing good potential for replanting of citrus or conversion to farming operation. Agricultural association provides excellent access to irrigation water and drainage. Property has some populations of deer and turkey.

Description: Fencing: Fenced for cattle Zoning/FLU: AG-5 allowing one unit per 5 acres Current Use: Former citrus grove transitioning to cattle Game Populations: Some deer and turkey

Driving Directions: • Deeded access is via Minute Maid Road off Orange Ave (SR 68) • The property can also be accessed from the Saint John Improvement District or the Orange Avenue Growers Association