Protecting Your Crops

One of the most devastating causes of crop losses on Florida farms for sale are pests. Pests are often associated with harmful animals and organisms including insects, viruses, weeds, and fungi. To help prevent detrimental losses, pesticides can be used to protect your crops from pests. There are many forms of pesticides that can be used to increase crop production and quality of yield. These pesticides include herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. To ensure you are choosing the right protection, it is very important to know the purpose of each of these types.


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Herbicides are a type of weed/plant killer that is designed to prohibit the growth of unwanted weeds or crops, while leaving the desired crops relatively unharmed. It is very important when choosing to protect your crops on Florida farms for sale with herbicides that you pay special attention to the types of herbicide being used. Some forms of herbicides are all inclusive and will kill off all types of crops, while other forms are designed to be more selective in the types of crops and weeds it will affect.


A fungicide is a specific type of pesticide that controls the development and spreading of fungal diseases including early blight, late blight, bottom rot, and root rot by inhibiting or killing off the fungus that is causing the disease. When using fungicides to protect your crops from damage due to fungi, it is important to note that not all fungal diseases can be controlled with fungicides. If you suspect a fungal disease is impacting your crop production, it is essential to first diagnose the cause of symptoms in order to determine which method of protection is right for your crops.


Insecticides are another form of pesticides that are used to defend against insects, their eggs, and larvae. An insect infestation can have a detrimental impact on crop production and development on farms for sale in Florida because these pests often carry and spread very harmful diseases that can cause a lot of damage in a relatively short period of time.

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