Why Florida is Perfect for Row Crop Farming

Only second to tourism, Florida’s agriculture plays a vital role in it’s economy, and row crop farming makes up a large portion of it. Many farms for sale in Florida are ideal for row crop farming and offer great opportunities for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables. Three characteristics that make Florida farms ideal for row crop farming are its year-round mild climate, abundant water availability, and ideal soil conditions.


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Florida’s climate is perfect for growing a wide variety of row crops. Some of these row crops include strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, and many other fruits and vegetables. Because Florida’s winters are mostly mild, the year-round warm temperatures provide for a longer growing season. Frosts and freezes are very rare so farmers rarely have to worry about harsh temperatures ruining their yields.

Water Availability

For successful crop growth, a good water supply is absolutely necessary. Water rights to a nearby natural water source like a lake, river, or pond are crucial to your row crop farm’s success, so it is important to ensure that the property you are considering has access to water. To be confident that the property you are considering has water rights, contact one of our SVN Saunder Real Estate agents today.

Soil Conditions

Soil condition requirements are specific to the row crop you choose to grow. Because Florida soil is unique to different areas, some areas of Florida are better for growing certain row crops over others. For example, the soil conditions of North Florida farms for sale are more suitable for blueberries than strawberries or citrus. To know which area is best suited for the crops you intend to grow, we recommend seeking the advice of one of our SVN Saunders Real Estate agents.

Farms & Nurseries for Sale