Sell With Us

There has never been a better time to sell.

Marketing Philosophy

Our founder, Dean Saunders, is an evangelist of the power of the marketplace and broad exposure of properties because you never can tell exactly where a buyer may come from. As he likes to say, “I can’t sell a property unless I tell people it’s for sale!” Typically, we use a targeted approach to reach those we know are likely buyers and supplement our efforts with a diverse approach to penetrate the market.

Led by Dean’s vision for marketing, SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate has consistently led the pack in new marketing strategies. For instance, we were an industry pioneer in drone video and continue to pursue video marketing today. To date, we have logged almost 500,000 video views with nearly 1 million minutes watched.

Marketing Presence

Our marketing presence has been well-curated and established over many years of consistent investment in time, technology and talent. In the Land and Commercial Brokerage brochures linked here, you can read specific details about our arsenal of marketing strategies. We are confident that our work in print, direct, digital, and content marketing is unrivaled in the industry.