Steering Clear of Land Degradation

Many prospective landowners dream of one day owning one of our farms for sale in Florida. You can make this dream a reality by contacting a land expert at SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler today. Of course, after you hire a land professional to perform a feasibility test and you buy the property, this is only the first few steps towards developing a successful farmland or ranch. You must create a strategy around how the land will be utilized, cultivate the land, invest in the livestock, maintain the property, and perhaps build a home on the property. Another serious concern is land degradation.

In this brief article, the land experts at SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler will discuss some of the primary concerns with land degradation and ways that land professionals can ensure your land is protected from these harmful elements.

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Land Degradation

Land degradation is when the value of the property depreciates because the vegetation, natural resources, and soil reduce in quality. There are many ways that farmland can be compromised. In order to avoid a depleting ecosystem, the landowner needs to understand the primary ways that land degradation transpires and ensure that they do not exploit their land to impact its long-term profitability.

The Primary Ways Land Degradation Occurs

Although there are numerous contributing factors to land degradation including deforestation, here are three ways that the value of land can be reduced by misuse of the property:

Excessive Use of Harmful Chemicals: Fertilizers and pesticides are a necessary evil for growing and maintaining food production on farmland. However, the excessive use of these resources can pose an environmental threat to your property and its vegetation. It’s critical that the soil remains enriched with the nutrients that produce healthy crops and vegetation. Landowners must use fertilizers and pesticides in the right moderation to ensure that the soil maintains a high quality to provide a healthy, long-term ecosystem for your property.

Soil Salinity: When there is too much salt content in the soil, this process can lead to soil erosion meaning that the health of the crops and vegetation are impacted. Salination can be caused by both manmade and natural processes including excessive fertilizer, an ineffective drainage system, poor water quality, wind erosion, and other issues. It’s important to regularly monitor and maintain your property’s soil and ensure that its salt content is marginal.

Overgrazing: Many ambitious landowners invest in an excessive amount of livestock thinking that they will “get rich quick” with the number of animals located on their property. If you crowd your pastures with too much livestock, this leads to overgrazing. If your pasture has poor quality vegetation and you experience little rainfall, the vegetation can be damaged. Consult with a land expert to ensure that your farmland has the right grazing management system in place.

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