Small Business Market Status


“This is the right time to evaluate whether you may want to buy or sell.”


The economic news is encouraging as most perceive that the pandemic is “over”. Among those benefiting are small business owners. Of course, there were some small businesses that actually thrived during the last year. While
staffing remains an issue for all businesses, customers are returning.


Want to Sell Your Business?


Regardless of which scenario you found your business in, this is the right time to evaluate whether you may want to sell or buy. That means as an owner the time is right to consider an exit strategy.

The market is hot. BizBuySell’s web site has seen traffic above the pre-pandemic level. Recent data indicates that the average sales price has increased 30% versus last year. Naturally, the increase is larger for those business that
were “pandemic proof”. The same data says that over 50% of potential buyers prefer a business that is just maintaining pre-2020 levels.

On the sale side, many owners are just plain tired after the last year. Baby boomers are among that group and they are ready to retire. 

All this means the number of businesses on the market will probably increase. So now is the time to make plans just in case!

We stand ready to help owners and potential buyers evaluate their options i.e., business valuations, marketing and exit strategies.


Larry Montanus

Larry Montanus

Advisor & Business Broker

Meet the Expert

Larry has extensive business history, having held several senior executive positions. He was active in the citrus industry as president and COO of the publicly traded Orange-co Inc, and as Florida Citrus Operations Manager for Procter & Gamble. In total Larry spent 16 years at P&G. He was an Executive VP of Europe’s largest packaging company based in Paris. In that role, he was responsible for restructuring the company through a series of acquisitions and divestitures totaling almost $800 million.

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