Strategic Marketing

Our founder, Dean Saunders, believes a deal gets done when both the buyer and the seller’s needs are met. He is an evangelist of the power of the marketplace and loves to broadly expose properties because you never can tell exactly where a buyer may come from. As he likes to say, “I can’t sell a property unless I tell people it’s for sale!” Typically, we use a targeted, rifle approach to reach those we know are likely buyers, but supplement our efforts with a broad, shotgun approach to penetrate the market.

Led by Dean’s vision for marketing, SVN | Saunders Ralston Dantzler Real Estate has consistently led the pack in new marketing strategies. For instance, we were an industry pioneer in drone video and continue to pursue video marketing today. To date, we have logged almost 500,000 video views with nearly 1 million minutes watched.

Beyond video, we are working today with technologies our competitors simply can’t match because of the required investment in tools, talent, and time it takes to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

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Our Marketing Strategies

Our Marketing Presence

Our marketing presence has been well-curated and established over many years of consistent investment in time, technology and talent. In the attached Land Brokerage Services brochure, you can read specific details about our arsenal of marketing strategies. We are confident that our work in print, direct, digital, and content marketing is unrivaled in the industry.

Print and Direct Mail

We continue to deliver direct mail campaigns including postcards, letters, flyers, and our listing catalog. We mail our listings catalogs and market reports to tens of thousands of targeted contacts each year. Our ongoing dedication to quality content production and direct marketing offers unparalleled benefit to our clients.

Digital Marketing

We are aggressive in our digital marketing strategies. Going beyond posting property information in listings websites, we do our own targeted Google paid marketing and continue improving domain authority ranking. This number is reported by independent third-party verification and indicates the higher likelihood that our digital information will be served in search engine results above our competitors’ content. Boosting our domain authority requires consistent digital production of high-quality listings information as well as thoughtful industry-related content.

A unique way that we deliver content to improve our domain authority is through The Land Journal (, our new content website. Content is vital to digital marketing presence, so we have a full-time curator focused on creating compelling and timely industry expertise for our audience.

We also integrate our digital marketing automation across all channels with Hubspot. With this software, we are developing new strategies to target individuals in our audience with customized information delivered when and how they want to receive it while tracking their activity and response across email, websites, video channels, and social media.

Digital Competitive Rankings

While we still focus and believe in traditional marketing and direct mail, we understand that the internet is the new “signage” of real estate. We are committed and have been for many years, to the long game of investment in SEO and content development that produces authority in the digital space.

Real estate marketing has changed rapidly in the last two decades since the internet first began to make inroads into how people access information. Fifteen years ago, signs supplied about 75% of our leads, and 25% came from other sources like direct mail and the internet. Today, those numbers are reversed. Buyers do not search for real estate by driving around to look for signs anymore, they search online for properties from their home or mobile devices.

We know that our emphasis on digital strategies is unique in the market because we carefully track our performance against others we view as competitors in the Florida agricultural land market space.

You can find a report of our digital marketing rankings here which highlights some of the results of our efforts. We have the highest domain authority among Florida land brokerages, over 40,000 other webpages link to us, and we rank for almost 2,000 keywords.

We embraced new trends early and invested consistently in digital marketing to create an advantage for our clients today. The reality is that domain authority can’t simply be bought, it must be earned the hard way through a great deal of time and effort. Our digital marketing program is a significant differentiator for our clients and one that we continue to develop and nurture.

Lay Of The Land Marketing Report

The Lay of the Land Market Report continues to be the single source compiling verified Florida land sales data to evaluate market trends throughout the year. 

Market Report

Printed and mailed to targeted readers annually, and released every quarter in digital format, the commercial market report presents verified sales data and commentary on industrial, office, retail and multi-family transactions.