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Pickett and Associates, Inc. (Pickett) is a privately owned, professional small business surveying and mapping firm building on more than 50 years of success. Based in central Florida, our primary service area covers the Southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean Islands.

Our company began in 1960 as L.R. Isbell and Associates, Inc. when Mr. Isbell, a well respected County Engineer and Surveyor, formed the company after leaving county government for private practice. The firm later became Isbell, Pickett and Associates, Inc. when Vincent Pickett, PE, joined the firm, and ultimately became Pickett and Associates after Isbell’s retirement. These men were our mentors and provided us with a solid foundation, an excellent reputation, and a strong moral compass. We continually strive to uphold these qualities and take great pride in our surveying and mapping heritage.

In 2015, we folded our sister company, U.S. Imaging, into Pickett and Associates. The aerial surveying and mapping assets and capabilities of U.S. Imaging bolsters the service offerings of Pickett, while also providing complimentary resources that are shared seamlessly as projects may require. The merging of these two firms has created a truly diverse geospatial business capable of serving varying clients across several markets and geographies.

Later in 2015, we added High Power Development to the Pickett enterprise, High Power is a leading provider of specialized professional engineering design services and project management for the transmission, substation and generation sectors of the power industry, as well as the telecommunications industry.

Our corporate culture, which is built on honesty and integrity, encourages continuing education and empowers our employees to work toward innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Pickett offers a team of highly experienced and diversified professionals that focus on providing personal service and attention to detail in every aspect of our work.

We are constantly pursuing and investing in the future of engineering, surveying and mapping for the most practical of reasons – service to our clients and love of what we do! From robotic total stations, to multi-beam sounders, to digital aerial cameras and LiDAR sensors, Pickett stays current with the advancements in the engineering and geomatics professions. The addition of unmanned systems, including aerial and aquatic, has further advanced our capabilities within each of Pickett’s technical professions. The ability and experience to combine and merge data and resources from multiple technologies across various disciplines affords our clients the most comprehensive, accurate, economical, and expeditious approach to their projects.

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